TGB Dual 0.9

July 19, 2014

TGB Dual (originally written by Hii in 2000–2004) is an open-source Game Boy Color emulator with link cable support. The download contains two versions (English and Japanese), as well as some README files.

TGB Dual makes it possible to emulate two Game Boy consoles at once (Slot 1 and Slot 2), using two different ROMs and save files. Opening a ROM in Slot 2 will open a new window. The two slots have different button mappings; you can check or change them with Options > Keys.

Note: I have not checked whether network play (File > Netplay) works in this version. If it doesn't, download the original version at:

New features:


Using Goomba / Goomba Color ROMs

Goomba and Goomba Color are Game Boy emulators for the Game Boy Advance. This version of TGB Dual can load the Game Boy ROMs stored within Goomba ROMs, and can read and update the Game Boy SRAM stored inside Goomba .sav files.

First, you should go to Options -> Directories. Set the save directory to the folder where your Goomba .sav files are stored. (You should also set the slot2 SRAM extension to "sav" instead of "sa2" - just don't run the same game with the same save file in both windows.)

Then, you can open the Goomba / Goomba Color ROM with TGB Dual. The program will go through every Game Boy ROM found in the file, asking whether you want to load that ROM. Press "Yes" to load it or "No" to see what the next ROM is.